Tips For An Excellent Vacation In St. John

St. John is a lovely island to visit. It is one of the most posh islands in the Caribbean where you can enjoy not only beautiful weather and lovely landscapes, but also a wide array of luxurious restaurants and other built features. So how can you be sure to have the most excellent stay in St. John? Start by following these tips.

1. Rent a villa.

While there are hotels and cottages for rent on St. John, the best place to stay is in one of the villas. There are numerous resorts that offer villa rentals. These spaces give you more room to spread out than a hotel room. Most are suites where you'll have a bedroom or two, along with a kitchen and a living room. St. John villa rentals are also more consistent than privately rented cottages. The owners have names and reputations to uphold, whereas private landlords do not always. 

2. Visit between December and August.

Temperatures are pretty consistent all year long in St. John. You can expect it to be between 70 and 80 degrees F at almost any time. However, the months of September through November can get pretty rainy, as this is hurricane season in the Caribbean. If you don't want to risk being stuck inside with rainy weather for half your stay, you will want to avoid visiting during these months.

3. Venture off the beach.

Most of the villas are located on or near the beaches, and indeed, the beaches of St. John are great places to spend your time. However, you will be missing out if you never venture away from the beaches! There are many other things to see. You can walk along the Reef Bay Trail and discover rare flowers. You can visit the Annaberg Sugar Plantation and learn about sugar cane farming. Spend time planning these adventures in advance so you can fit everything in.

4. Stay for a week.

While some people visit St. John and only stay for a couple of days, you are best off staying for at least a week, if not two weeks. Rental companies often offer a discount if you rent a villa for the entire week. Plus, you will have more time to settle in and explore. Some music performances only take place on the weekend, so you want to include at least one weekend in your stay!

St. John is a lovely place to visit. With the tips above, you'll certainly enjoy your stay.

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