Six Reasons Why ATV Tours Are Better Than Walking Tours

The most common way that people tour an area is on foot. While walking tours certainly have their benefits, ATV tours take things to the next level. Here are six reasons why an ATV tour is better than a walking tour.

Better exercise

You may be surprised to find out that riding an ATV is as good of an exercise as walking. While walking is also a form of exercise, it takes a lot of endurance to control and ride an ATV for long durations of time. Put simply, you will burn a similar amount of calories per hour riding an ATV as you would walking. 

It's more fun

Let's face it, it's much more fun to ride an ATV than to walk. People walk to get from one place to another or to get exercise. On the other hand, people ride ATVs for the sport of it. The fast speeds and maneuvering capabilities of ATVs make them exciting for riders. As the terrain changes, so does the experience of the ride.

Meet like-minded adventurers

When you go on an ATV tour, you will meet other people who find pleasure in adventure and thrill-seeking activities. You will meet people with a wide variety of personalities on a walking tour, because there is nothing specific about the activity. On an ATV tour, however, you will be much more likely to find like-minded people who will have more things in common with you.

Travel longer distances

When you're riding an ATV, you can go to locations that you would never be able to reach on foot. ATVs allow you to travel long distances, due to their speeds. When you're walking, you can only get so far over a certain amount of time.

Visit remote areas

Due to the long distances you can travel on an ATV, you'll be able to visit remote areas that you couldn't get to by walking.

It's easier on your feet 

If you've ever walked around for a day, you know that your feet will be in pain that night, and possibly for a few days afterwards. Regardless of how comfortable your shoes are, foot pain is inevitable whenever you walk for long periods of time. If you're unlucky enough to get a blister, walking can become so painful that you can't continue doing it. When you ride an ATV, there is very little pressure on your feet. While your bottom may get a little sore from sitting for so long, it's nothing that a little break can't quickly fix.

These are just some of the many reasons why you might prefer an ATV tour to a walking one.

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