How To Be Creative With Your Long-Term Parking At Dulles Airport

If you are going on an extended vacation or business trip, you might worry about where you should leave your car. There are plenty of options around Dulles airport for long-term parking, and while some might be on the expensive side, you can get creative with your parking plans.

The following tips can help you be creative with your long-term parking at Dulles Airport so you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the cost of parking.

Choose A Long-Term Parking Lot Package

One of the first options you have is to choose a parking lot that offers a long-term parking package. There are many lots near Dulles airport, and some of these have different levels of payment depending on the length of time you are going to be away. Some parking packages have a flat fee, in which practically everyone pays the same amount regardless of how long they are gone.

Your best bet is to choose a lot that offers discounts for the longer time you are going to be away. It might be possible if you are a frequent traveler from Dulles, that you could even get a better price on your next parking stay if you choose a particular lot.

Buy A Park And Fly Package

There at hotels at Dulles airport that offer long-term parking if you stay with them overnight or even for a few days. You can enjoy the benefits of the amenities at the hotel, including staying in one of their rooms, and then leave your car there for the duration of your trip. All of this is included in the price of booking the room.

It can be a creative and fun way to find parking at Dulles airport long-term, especially if you want to start your vacation early and spend some time away from home even before you board the plane. This can be a cheaper option than the long-term parking lot packages too, as your price per day for the car tends to be lower.

Break Up The Parking

You could get very creative with your long-term parking by breaking up where you park. You could opt for a hotel park and fly Dulles airport package or a parking lot that offers long-term or short-term in this case, and then have a friend or family member who lives near the airport pick your car up and park it at their home for the rest of the time.

This way, you cut down on your costs of parking, and/or enjoy an overnight hotel stay, plus you don't have to worry about your car for the rest of your trip. Your family member could pick you up after the trip is over.

For more information about your options, contact a parking company like Park at Dulles

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