3 Important Things To Know About All-Inclusive Destination Weddings

Many people choose a destination wedding, instead of getting married where they live, work, or grew up, for various reasons. If you are considering a beautiful destination wedding, you may want to take things one step further and consider an all-inclusive destination wedding.

Simplify the Planning Process

One of the best reasons to consider an all-inclusive wedding if you are planning a destination wedding is because it can really simplify the wedding process. With an all-inclusive wedding, you work with the resort or location where you are getting married, and they help to arrange all the details of your wedding.

They will provide the rental chairs for the ceremony, the arch you stand under when you get married, the D.J. for the reception, and the catering. They will literally take care of all the elements of planning your wedding, so you don't have to contact and coordinate numerous vendors long-distance as you plan your wedding.

You don't have to worry about finding all the necessary vendors for pulling off a wedding; the location you choose will handle that for you.

Be Careful with Add-Ons

With an all-inclusive destination, the expenses can quickly add up. As you work with the wedding coordinator, you need to carefully consider what add-ons you want to add to your wedding experience. Add-ons can quickly drive up the base price of your all-inclusive wedding.

When it comes to add-ons, look at the base package and all the add-on options, and figure out what combination of base-features and add-ons or upgrades are necessary for you to achieve your dream wedding.

For example, if it costs a little more to get married at the beach versus in the gardens of the resort, splurge for the beach upgrade if that is what you envision as you planned your destination weddings. Pay for the upgrades that you want, and feel free to turn down any upgrades that don't fit with your version of a great wedding.

Be Prepared for a Public Wedding

With a destination wedding at a resort, you need to be prepared for the fact that other people may be able to see and observe your wedding and reception. With an all-inclusive wedding, the resort will set-aside space for your wedding, and try to keep other guests and onlookers away.

However, if your reception is by the pool, you may hear other guests in the pool. If you are getting married on the beach, people may stop and watch. It is important for you to be comfortable with the fact that other people, outside of your invited guests, may observe your wedding.

An all-inclusive destination wedding package can help simplify the long-distance planning process. As you plan the wedding, splurge for the add-ons that fit with your vision of an ideal wedding and skip the rest. Remember, with a destination wedding at a beautiful location, other people may observe your wedding, so make sure you are comfortable with a semi-public wedding experience.

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